"a great cross-weave of traditions and influences" FOLK RADIO UK, Alex Gallacher, 2019.

"ce petit duo country folk talentueux vaut vraiment le détour"
"Derrière ce duo, il y a une petite bonne femme toute pimpante et pleine d’énergie qui compose des chansons folks chargées en émotion, en âme et en grâce: Rosie Eade et construit depuis quelques années une œuvre folk qui associe classicisme et innovation."
MUSIC IN BELGIUM, Olivier Dahon, 2019. 4 out of 5 stars

"A superb offering from the powerfolk duo ... Tecumseh Valley is a joy to behold and it is clear that the chemistry between the two is electric ... great harmonies, strong tracks and some top instrumental sections" MAVERICK MAGAZINE, Rob Ramsey, 2018, 4 out of 5 stars.

"Whilst much of what fills this album with sentimentality is mostly American in approach and acoustic Americana in style, an appealing touch of English folk influences does sneak in to give a most pleasing purity to the proceedings with this being most clearly evident in “Snow” and the title song “Hope & Anchor”. Both of these songs allow, quite wisely, the clear and sonorous voice of Rosie Eade to soar." BLUESBUNNY, 2018.

"beautiful tunes." FORKING LOCAL FOOD FESTIVAL, 2018.

"Abel and Eade ... have many strands of traditional Blues, Country, Honky-tonk and Punk drawn into a roots-infused sounds. Rosie and Randy produce glorious harmonies from these traditions." BRADNINCH FOLK CLUB, 2017.

"This powerhouse singer/songwriter duo of Rosie Eade, an old friend to the Village Pump, and Randy Abel from US weave a spell of American/English alt-country. Their roots infused sound is both original yet rooted in the traditional music of their homelands combining glorious harmonies with passion and earthy grit." VILLAGE PUMP FOLK CLUB, 2017.

"The stories were great and we loved the fusion of both types of music." Ashley Leeds from FIRECRACKER MUSIC, 2017 (after gig at the BierKeller, Exeter).

"beautiful harmonies" BARNFIELD MUSIC CLUB, 2017.

"Oh @folk_pixie AKA Rosie Eade, your voice is a marvel! 'Your Face Smiles' is great, and has our face doing just that!" James Santer, BBC Introducing in Devon, 2017.

Review of The Fire (off Battlestorm album by Rosie Eade): "Singer-songwriter Rosie Eade demonstrates a confident and punchy acoustic rock presence on 'The Fire', a fine taster for her album Battlestorm." Rock-n-Reel Magasine, rock-n-reel.co.uk, 2016.

Review of Battlestorm album by Rosie Eade: "The melodies have a more subtle allure, the lyrics deeper meaning, the folk-rock edge honed and somewhat softened ... the result is an album of substantial depth and equally considerable appeal. The distinctive Rosie Eade voice remains - recognisable timbre, intriguing phrasing and ability to softly entice or ‘rock it out’." Tim Carroll, folkwords.com, 2016.